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The HVCCI issues a monthly newsletter. A quarterly hard-copy newsletter published by the Chamber and sent to all members. Members have the opportunity to contribute an article to the newsletter free of charge three times a year.

Below are the newsletter dates and deadlines.  

 The e-newsletter is a bi-monthly edition being sent either side of the month of our hardcopy newsletter.  This means there will be 7 editions per year. Did you know that you are potentially reaching over 3200 contacts in the wider Wellington/Hutt region with our e-newsletter and around 700 members in our hardcopy version? Members are entitled to three free articles per year.


   Hardcopy Deadlines                            Quarterly Months                  Issued/released

          3rd February (2018)                                     Autumn                                     March

          3rd May                                                      Winter                                        June 

          3rd August                                                  Spring                                       September 

          3rd November                                              Summer                                    December



                                              e-News  Deadlines                 Issued/released                                               

                                                20th Feb                                          March

                                                20th March                                       April

                                                20th April                                         May

                                                20th June                                         July

                                                20th July                                          August

                                                20th September                                October

                                                20th October                                     November

For the e-newsletter we require your article in a word document, no more than 250 words (same for Partners and members).  We can insert a logo but no photos or pictures. 

For the hardcopy newsletter we require your article in a word document, approx. 300 words (with image) or approx. 400 words (with no image) This is a half A4 page for members.  (Partners have the option of a full A4 page to a quarter of an A4 page every month)

The Newsletter will be known as “HVCCI Business Quarterly”.   Are you utilising our newsletter to its maximum benefit?  If you would like Anna, our Manager Membership, Partnerships and Sponsorships to talk to you about options of advertising and promoting your business or 939 9826

 Lynda Robertson our Office Manager will be co-ordinating the newsletter. Contact Lynda on or 939 9825



Note:   If you wish to receive the e newsletter please email us your details below.


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  • October Business Connector 2014
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  • December Business Connector 2014
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  • February Business Connector 2015
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  • April Business Connector 2015
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  • June Business Connector 2015
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  • August Business Connector 2015
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  • Summer Business Connector 2016
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  • Autumn Business Connector 2016
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  • Winter Business Connector 2016
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  • Spring Business Connector 2016
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