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The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce is an association of people working together in the interests of the Hutt Valley community.

An accepted forum for economic discussion, the Chamber is a channel for the expression of commercial opinion.

We seek to influence public opinion by raising the awareness of issues that are of vital importance to businesses, both at a local and national level. On the local scene, the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce regularly meets with Hutt City Council executives to ensure their policies are business friendly. We also prepare a number of submissions to Council on issues affecting business. At a national level, the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce works with the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce to lobby Central Government on major issues.

At the Chamber, your business success is our primary concern. Through your participation, we can ensure that your business concerns are heard, that you have opportunities to do more business, better business and global business.

The purpose of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce is to provide the best commercial environment in which you can achieve your business goals. We do this by giving business a 'voice'.

Submissions Made on Behalf of Local Businesses

  • Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce & Industry submission to HCC proposed Long Term Plan 2015-2025.pdf April 2015
    Download (pdf 903.14KB)
  • Submission to Wgtn City Council Urban Development Strategic Plan 2014 - 2023 - April 2015
    Download (pdf 431.48KB)
  • Submission on Upper Hutt City Council Long Term Plan 2015-2025 - April 2015
    Download (pdf 1.28MB)
  • Submission on Unoccupied Commercial Premises Bylaw
    Download (docx 37.95KB)
  • Petone to Grenada Link Road Submisson April 2014.pdf
    Download (pdf 1,023.98KB)
  • Submission to the Local Government Commission - On the Draft Proposal for local government in the Wellington Region dated 1 March 2015
    Download (pdf 443.71KB)
  • Submission on Proposed Private Plan Change No. 36 Alexandra Road
    Download (docx 15.35KB)
  • Upper Hutt City Council Annual Submission Plan 2014-2015
    Download (docx 35.55KB)
  • Submission on Hutt City Council Draft Annual Plan 2014-2015
    Download (doc 117.00KB)
  • Submission on the proposed formation of the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) August 2014
    Download (docx 33.38KB)
  • Housing New Zealand Tenancy Services contact details
    Download (pdf 196.97KB)
  • G18 Wairarapa Chamber Ad.pdf
    Download (pdf 118.55KB)